Ours is a dedicated and devoted faculty of teachers who adhere to the time-frames of completing and revising syllabuses. They are willing to impart the knowledge in such a way that the students absorb the content easily and tenaciously.

Students often come across a variety of problems with respect to their subject matters. Only a resourceful and confident faculty can solve the problem in a very effective manner. Our Students develop a logical and rational thinking due to the strategies employed by the teachers.

Notable Students

Aditya Davar

Amity International
  • Mathematics 96
  • Science 94
  • English Comm. 91
  • Hindi Course B 86
  • Social Science 92
  • Foundation of IT 100

Hanzala Khan

Summers Field
  • Mathematics 95
  • Science 96
  • English Lng & Lit. 90
  • French 89
  • Social Science 99

Kiran Narula

The Indian School
  • Mathematics 88
  • Science 88
  • English Comm. 93
  • Hindi Course-B 97
  • Social Science 84
  • Foundation of IT 92

Aakansha Gadh

G.D Goenka Public School
Grade A1 (2017)

Mehar Kaur

Delhi Public School
Grade A1 (2017)

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